Tuesday, 24 September 2013

The heart is deceitful above all things

So here I am again. I'm in that place once again where I get to ask, how did I get here! The heart! Oh how the heart loves to love and be loved. In all my years I have seen as a matter of fact that it is a basic human need to love and to be loved by someone other than God and your family and friends. Hence when the opportunity presents itself, we tend to dive in heart first without giving it a minute's thought. Is it then a wonder when we walk out battered and bruised wondering how on earth! The Bible is clear, 'GUARD YOUR HEART WITH ALL DILIGENCE, FOR OUT OF IT FLOW THE ISSUES OF LIFE'. Such apt wisdom! Once the heart is wounded or broken, it is difficult to focus on anything else other than the fact.

One would think that after a heart rending heartache, one would fold up shop and decide to walk away, yet by its own volition, the heart is forever searching, reaching out for the opportunity to love. It is needless to say that more songs have been sung, and movies produced about love itself.
So I'm sitting here and sighing at the fact that my heart is reaching out to a closed heart. This is a person who is waiting for the first opportunity to walk. My poor tired heart needs a break! So I guess I need to make a decision. I choose to be whole, I choose to save my heart from scaring. I choose to guard my heart with diligence.

A wise man once said that the more you allow God to control the issues of your heart the less you are prone to heartache (wait, that's just me thinking it out! lol ). So now I guess God is all I have and I need to surrender all to Him.I cannot, will not do this without Him. He is the author and Creator of Love and the heart itself, so yes He understands the issues of life that are likely to flow out of it.

Here I put my pen down. I need a moment to ponder.....

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