Monday, 26 August 2013

The Greatest Love I Know

I have looked in my life and seen the many 'black horses' that have come my way. I think I'm finally ready for my white horse, the fairytale knight in shining armor. I realised something, He's always been there rescuing me at every turn, bringing me out of stuff, and loving me even more when I'm not the best of people. What greater love can I ask for?

He has never disappointed me, albeit the fact that I did the same to Him so many times. He always tells me that I'm beautiful and how much He loves me. I get flowers everyday! Show me a man who is romantic, and I'll show you mine! He knows how to romance me and make me fall in love with Him all over again! That's my white horse right there.

The other day I was just feeling so emotionless and I didnt care about much, but He quickly came and whispered a love song into my ear. I walk around with stars in my eyes and little red hearts floating about me. I have truly never experienced greater love than the one I have with Him.
He is my life, the air that I breathe, the love I've never had, and that much more. I love Him with everything in me.

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