Monday, 26 August 2013

Life can be really funny at times. The person who meant so much to you last year this time, means absolutely nothing to you this year same time around! Then one has to question, was it real or was it all part of some farce?

My head is still reeling. Once upon a time I respected and held dear. A leader, a friend. It's amazing how you can say one one thing and its heard in a totally different way! The heart indeed can be deceptive.No one can fully know or comprehend its nature.
In the thick of things, keep all I've said to you in confidence as that. But I am thoroughly disappointed and disgruntled that one would throw the baby out with the bath water. Whatever vestige I had of respect was finally torn to shreds In a few sentences, a heartbeat,a few breaths. It takes a lifetime to build trust but only a whisper to destroy it. A wise woman builds her house!

However, I saw something.Never have I seen a persn so sad, so insecure, so tormented by life and hanging On to whatever vestige of hope that they have. Pity. I am looking at a sad person. I suppose they have been like that for years. I've always wondered why there was no warmth inside. Just a person living on a day to day. No excitement, no spark, just automated.
Just a sad little girl desperate for rescuing. No one can rescue her. Just her Maker. A lifetime of misery projected onto others.

It's sad, pitiful.That surely cannot be life. To live a life where people tolerate you for the sake of the one closest to you....
Never have I seen any one person carry the weight of the world upon their shoulders in that way. A ticking time bomb ready for detonation..

Time to rest and feel the gentle breeze, enjoy life. It is beautiful after all 

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